Big Bugs in Sandwich in 2014

Posted by on July 3, 2014

Address: 67 Grove Street, Sandwich, MA 02563

Latitude/Longitude: 41.749446, -70.507567

Start Date: May 31, 2014

End Date: Oct 26, 2014

Web site: click here

Phone: 508-888-3300

Pricing: $


It may not be a science fiction thriller, but it is thrilling none the less. This summer at Heritage Museums & Gardens, let the adventurer in you take you on an urban safari in search of the giant bug sculptures that were created by wood artist David Rogers.

Now, this may sound like an outing for kids, but the kid in you will have a marvelous time exploring the fragrant, blossom engorged pathways that wind throughout the one-hundred plus acres of horticultural gardens that are the pride of Sandwich, in search of the Big Bugs – certainly one of the most beautiful spots on Cape Cod.

Mr. Rogers’ love of constructing things began when he was a young child using his fathers’ tools. Inspired by what he saw in nature, he began to construct dinosaurs using branches and limbs he found growing in the woods. Over the years he would refine his technique using saplings, fallen trees, and downed limb. His love of nature would later lead him to research ways to create and support large-scale bug sculptures made from wood.

When you love creating large bugs from wood, it would seem only natural to exhibit them in the beautiful botanical gardens around the country. Fortunately, directors of such gardens have been very receptive to partnering with Mr. Rogers to make these wonderful sculptures available for kids of all ages to experience.

The grounds of Heritage Museums & Gardens are the perfect setting for these giant bug sculptures. They are nestled among the blossoms, trees, and water of this beautiful habitat. As you enter the gardens, you first encounter the giant Daddy Long Legs that sits guarding the entrance to the Antique Auto Museum.

As you head out on your bug safari, you will be looking for 9 additional giant bugs. There are 3 Ants on the parade ground, a Damselfly on the Lily Pond under the Flume, the giant Spider and Web located just below the parade ground, and the Ladybug just past the tree house along the pathway that leads to the pond. The Dragonfly is floating on Shawme Pond, the Praying Mantis is below the Maze Garden, and the Assassin Bug is sitting among the plants by the Old East Windmill.

These big, beautiful bugs will be on display throughout the gardens through October 26, 2014. Make plans to visit Heritage Museums & Gardens this summer and go bug hunting. Location maps are available at the ticket booth.

From the Author: Heritage Museums & Gardens is one of our most favorite places on Cape Cod. There is something blooming year round and the exhibits are always so interesting. This Big Bug exhibit is really fun for folks of any age. The walk through the gardens to locate them is as wonderful as actually seeing each wood sculpture. They may be bugs but the artistry of the wood carving is amazing. After your "Big Bug Safari" stop by the outdoor cafe on the grounds for a bite to eat and a cool drink.

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