Sunset Rock walk on the Long Trail

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Address: Lincoln Gap Road, Warren, VT 05674

Latitude/Longitude: 44.095198, -72.928172

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The Vermont Long Trail, which runs from the southern to northern borders of Vermont along the ridge of the Green Mountains, offers many hiking opportunities of varying levels of challenge. One relatively easy and short, but rewarding, walk is from the Lincoln Gap, on the Lincoln Gap Road between Warren and Lincoln, to Sunset Rock. As the name might imply the rock gives a beautiful view towards the west, with vistas over Lake Champlain and the Adirondack range in New York State.

You start the walk from the gap and head south on the Long Trail.  You are starting at about 2,500ft and the rock is at about 3,000 ft so it is not too much of a climb. The distance is just over a mile, and most of the ascent is in the first half. About half way in, the path changes from earth to a sloping rock face for a bit, and you need to take care if there has been rain as the rock can be slippery.

One great thing about this walk is that you know when you have arrived.  There is no mistaking the amazing view as you emerge from the trees onto the ledge that is Sunset Rock.  The walk takes about 30 to 40 minutes each way, and you should plan to spend at least 15 minutes at the rock admiring the view. Take a picnic!

This is a summer-time activity, as the Lincoln Gap Road is closed from late October till mid May. The map info shows the start of the walk.

From the Author: Peter grew up in Scotland and spent many holidays hiking the hills and valleys of his home country. Vermont is quite different as the tree line is generally right up to the ridges, whereas in Scotland the views were usually amazing anywhere above 1,000 ft or so. So when you do have a point with a view on the Long Trail like Sunset Rock it is especially rewarding!

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