Sunnyside Oyster Bar

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Address: 102 Washington Street, Williamston, NC 27892

Latitude/Longitude: 35.853803, -77.056197

Web site: click here

Phone: (252) 792-3416

Pricing: $$


People come from all over to go to Sunnyside Oyster Bar in the small eastern North Carolina town of Williamston. It is one of the few remaining true raw bars. There are no trendy nacho dishes or blooming onions here. Sunnyside opened in 1935 and has changed very little since then. Walls are shiny white with dark green trim, it is an authentic raw bar.

You might have to wait, but that’s fun too, just grab a beer. Mind you, by nine o’clock the place is hopping. When it’s your turn, the bartender calls your party and you head to the back room and get comfortable at the bar.

Each party has its own shucker and these guys have been at Sunnyside long enough to have their photos on the place mats. Place your order, that’s simple: Oysters raw or steamed, steamed shrimp or scallops; there is no menu. The shucker brings out two pitchers and fills saucers with hot butter and Sunnyside’s special sauce.

Then the fun begins. Your oysters arrive in a beat up galvanized peck bucket and they are dumped on the tray right in front of you. The shucker starts his work, opening your oysters until they are gone. Many folks order another peck.

Sunnyside Oyster bar is famous and well worth a trip if you like oysters. Locals won’t eat oysters in the summer, so mostly Sunnyside is open during the months with an “R” in them. Call to check.

From the Author: My mother's cousin first opened Sunnyside Oyster Bar in 1935. And it is still the same, old-time raw bar. No menu, but you better like oysters.

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