Magnum Opus Massage Therapy

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Address: 736 Center Street, Lewiston , NY 14092

Latitude/Longitude: 43.172560, -79.037724

Web site: click here

Phone: (716) 628-4636

Pricing: $$


Strangely enough, this little gem is located in Lewiston’s Opera Hall, right on the main drag as you enter the village.  Once you are inside and behind closed doors you would never know the rest of the world was rushing by outside.  The lights are low, the music soft and relaxing and the massages are w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l.  Choose from medical or therapeutic, sports or relaxation, hot stone or deep tissue.  Kim’s touch can be a light or as strong as you wish, she has vegan lotions and relaxing aroma therapies to help you relax.

A couples massage would be a great wedding or anniversary gift. Know a new mother or a mother to be who deserves some pampering?  Kim offers both pregnancy and postpartum massages.  Who knew there were so many kinds of massage!

There are so many reasons to get a massage.  Overall health is one reason, bodies heal faster if they are not all stressed out.  Your massage therapist can catch future health problems before they become major issues.  There are lots of reasons to make a massage a regular part of your health care routine, but  it’s good to know where to go on vacation as well.  What  if that hike you took in the gorge used a few muscles you forgot you had?  A massage can help you enjoy the rest of your vacation without over doing the ibuprofen.  Sitting in the car for the long drive here may have left you a bit stiff for that special dance at your friends wedding, a massage is better than an extra belt at the bar (with much healthier side effects).  Just give Kim a call, she can fill you in on the details.

From the Author: The hot rock massage was new to me this last time and I am so glad I tried it. I loved it! The heat just made the massage even more relaxing.

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