Brasilia Churrasco Steakhouse

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Address: 26 East Walnut Street , Asheville , NC 28801

Latitude/Longitude: 35.596638, -82.551988

Web site: click here

Phone: 828-785-1599

Pricing: $$$


If I were to be in search of carnivore heaven-I would need look no further than Brasilia Churrasco Steakhouse. The location this dining establishment took over was an old favorite of mine (Magnolia’s) so I was most anxious to visit and see what they’d done with the space. It was a complete transformation and the enhancement both fits the space nicely and serves the patrons effectively. Large windows invite nice natural lighting and the tables have sufficient space between to enjoy private conversation. They have created a “one of a kind” dining experience as gauchos stroll about from guest table to guest table offering enormous, succulent and aromatic meat selections from chicken, to pork, beef and lamb. Cards are provided as you arrive at your table to alert the circulating gauchos that you would like them to stop and serve or for the time being you are good. If that circumstance alters, you simply change your card to “go” and voila!-they arrive again bearing new selections for your dining pleasure. I truly have never seen so much meat, in every variation imaginable coupled with folks so dedicated to helping you taste every single piece of it. There is no waiting, no petite servings enticing you to want more but wearing you thin to get it. The gauchos have one mission statement and that is to convert you to the enjoyment of meat-Brasilia style. Our server Taylor and our primary gaucho, Edalmo Silva are consummate professionals seeking to create an experience in dining you’ll long remember.

Mindful that not everyone is served by meat alone, a beautifully organized, hygienically and neatly maintained buffet heaven may be right up your alley. As a general rule, buffets are not my choice. This one breaks the mold. No messy trays with food stuff carelessly dropped everywhere and serving spoons that may be a bit less than appealing. This place gets high marks for creativity in food appearance, thoughtful item selection and absolutely impeccable maintenance of the more than 25 items on this bar. A few of the memorable selections from our visit would include but not be limited to chicken salad (the best I’ve ever had- save my own), high quality rolls, crisp Caesar salad, wonderfully fresh and tasty pasta salad, garbanzo bean salad, tabouli and exquisite cheeses.

A most impressive owner, Shutao Wang, approached as we were leaving making inquiries as to what he might do better- clearly dedicated to creating a really excellent guest experience. That lone encounter speaks volumes about any dining establishment. The answer: Nothing! Noted the full bar upon leaving and it is a lovely space serving wines from Argentina, Chile and California as well as local craft beer.

Reservations Recommended. Current pricing for dinner: $33.50 Dinner Salad Bar: $17 Weekday Lunch: 18.95 Salad Bar Only: $10.95 Sunday Lunch: $24.95 Children under 5 Free Ages 6-10 $10.

If some day soon you feel so hungry you could eat a horse….Well, you can’t get that there…. but Brasilia Churrasco Steakhouse can absolutely hook you up with some yummy beef, chicken, pork, lamb etc. You could not find a better location to fulfill that mission statement.

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