New Holland Quilt Auction

Posted by on September 17, 2013

Address: 339 East Main Street, New Holland, PA 17557

Latitude/Longitude: 40.104150, -76.082683

Start Date: May 13, 2014

End Date: May 13, 2014

Web site: click here

Phone: (717) 665-4167

Pricing: $$


The New Holland Quilt Auction, hosted by Hometowne Auction LLC, takes place every-other month at the Liberty Fire Hall on East Main Street in… well… New Holland of course!  The auction kicks off at 9:00 am and typically runs until 2 – 2:30 pm…or until they run out of things to auction.

Auction items are mostly hand-sewn quilts, but there are also a machine sewn quilts, quilt tops, fabric scraps, patterns, quilted wall hangings and other assorted gift items.  You can download the full auction catalog from the Hometowne Auction website the Saturday prior to the auction date.  You can also go to the fire hall the day before the auction to preview the quilts, which will be folded and tightly arranged on dowels for viewing.  You won’t be able to see the full quilt ahead of time (apart from the handful of photos they make available on the website ahead of time as a teaser), but between the catalog description (which includes pattern and size and how the quilt was sewn), and what you can see on display, you can get a pretty good idea if a particular quilt is something you might want to bid on.

Of course, every auction is completely different, but the pricing here is going to be much more affordable than what you’d pay for the same item at a quilt shop, since the people you’re bidding against are predominantly people who are turning around and reselling the quilts in their own shops.

There is food and beverages available for purchase.  Cash or Credit cards are accepted for payment.

From the Author: We buy all our new quilts for the Historic Smithton Inn at this auction, so my "tip" comes from first hand experience. The other BIG thing I learned at my first auction was to go easy on the coffee before-hand! That particular morning I was dragging a bit, so after serving my guests breakfast, I made a double espresso and drove the easy 5 mile route to New Holland for the Auction. Did I mention that this was my FIRST time at an Auction?? Or that I actually had around 4 quilts at the Inn I wanted to replace? After no time at all, my heart was pounding in my chest with excitement... the auction was like shopping turned into a competitive sport and I wanted to WIN! Seriously though, it's very fun & a little exciting... GREAT people watching. It's something fun to witness, even if you don't buy a quilt... but of course, it's WAY more fun if you do!

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