Address: 600 Route 17A, Tuxedo, NY 10987

Latitude/Longitude: 41.249344, -74.226904

Start Date: Aug 16, 2014

End Date: Aug 17, 2014

Web site: click here

Phone: (845) 351-5171

Pricing: $


Hazzah! Guests who spend $200 or more this weekend at the 37th Annual New York State Renaissance Faire will receive two complimentary tickets to return to the faire this season! Located 40 minutes from Manhattan, you will find yourself transported to exciting Elizabethan England. Stroll the Shire and visit the many shops.

This weekend stop by the Guardians of Sterling Gardens in the farthest region of the Shire, near the NEW Fortune Stage, for the First Annual Market Place Master Craftsman Contest. Artisans have placed their precious works on display. Fairegoers will decide on what item is the most lavish, artistic, and beautiful and place their ballot in the box that correlates to the item of their choosing. One artisan will be named “Market Place Master Craftsman.”There are over 125 talented artisans that take up residency in the Shire during the Faire. Some popular categories include: costumes and clothing, glass and pottery, toys, scents and soaps. There is a plethora of options, whether you are shopping for yourself or for a gift.

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