French Quarter Festival 2016

Posted by on June 9, 2015

Address: 400 N. Peter #205, New Orleans, LA 70130

Latitude/Longitude: 29.949767, -90.065940

Start Date: Apr 7, 2016

End Date: Apr 10, 2016

Web site: click here

Phone: (504) 522-5730

Pricing: Free


Hints for French Quarter Festival April 7 – 10, 2016

French Quarter Festival (FQF) is a perfect time to immerse yourself in the New Orleans experience. It’s got the best weather, the hottest local music, fantastic food from local restaurants —and refreshing daiquiris you can tote around in sports bottles! Originating in 1984, the local extravaganza has become the largest free music festival in the country, with over 1,600 local musicians over the course of four days.

Here are five important things to know in advance of FQF 2016

  1. Support the local vendors. You do not need any tickets for music acts on festival grounds, but bring plenty of cash (or your credit card) to purchase delicious food, strong drink, and memorable merchandise. Outside food or drink are prohibited.
  1. Wear comfortable shoes. The Festival ramps up from about six stages on Thursday to more than 20 on Saturday and Sunday. Cars are not allowed in the festival zone and you will walk! Fortunately, there is decent public transportation in and out of the Quarter.
  1. Bring rain gear. 2015 was an unusually rainy year and, due to thunderstorms, a few acts were postponed or cancelled. Even though April is a wonderful month to visit New Orleans, it is always a good idea to have an umbrella or a plastic poncho on hand.
  1. Bring sun gear. Big hat, sunscreen, parasol, beach towel or portable camp chair can really come in handy if you are doing a marathon music day.
  1. Mix it up, and discover your own favorite sounds. The festival has excellent traditional jazz, new jazz, zydeco, world music, blues, classical, kids music, R & B and original singer-songwriters — all with a deep and resounding connection to the magic of New Orleans.

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