Stoltzfus Carpet Shop

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Address: 39B Pequea Valley Rd, Kinzers, PA 17535

Latitude/Longitude: 40.013061, -76.071209

Phone: (717) 442-8411

Pricing: $


Located 3 miles southeast of Intercourse, the Stoltzfus Carpet Shop isn’t JUST a carpet shop, they also sell other woven items like placemats, table runners and coasters, plus they make and sell an assortment of brooms (6 types to be exact!).  The shop does not list specific hours of operation, but they are DEFINITELY closed on Sunday.

The owners and employees are very friendly, and if possible they’re happy to show you the process for making their heavy-duty brooms.  Be sure to check out the pneumatic tools and gas-powered lighting… two things you’ll see in any Amish-owned building/craft business.

Even though the name of this business says “carpet shop”, it’s the broom-making that dominates the space.  Right on site they produce a number of large and small brooms for use both inside and outside the home.  They even make an adorable cake taster that comes with instructions (no more digging for toothpicks!).

In a small room they have a wall of shelves where they display their woven goods including various sizes of area rugs, plus table top items.  You have a number of color pallets and textures to choose from but one thing is consistent across the board:  they’re all high-quality, LOCALLY MADE goods!

So if you’re looking for some neat Amish made items that will be put to good use, you’ll want to check out the Stoltzfus Carpet Shop for sure!

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