Ken’s Jewelry Store

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Address: 326 Forest Ave, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Latitude/Longitude: 33.544115, -117.782129

Phone: (949) 494-0508

Pricing: $$$$


A stroll along Forest Ave. gives you views of little nooks and crannies of Laguna Beach. For 35 years Ken has called this store his home. He makes a wide variety of unique jewelry. Much of his designs are sand-cast from gold & silver with diamond settings or any number of other gems: ruby, sapphire, emerald, amethyst, and garnet; just to name a few. Of course there is the “queen of the gems and the gem of queens,” the Pearl, used for rings, necklaces, pendants and cameos.  Opal, lapis, turquoise and topaz are just some of the precious stones Ken uses in his custom designs.

Ken says he has seen many changes over the years at his little corner of the beautiful world of Laguna Beach. There has been one constant he is quite proud of, which is his shop; one of the very few that have survived a decade or more. Many, many shops have changed hands over the years. I think one reason Ken’s Jewelry Store has been here for 35 years is Ken. He interviews each person to understand their personality and what they want in their piece of custom jewelry. His personal touch is the signature of Ken’s longevity.

From the Author: Ken's Jewelry Store is probably the finest custom design jewelry shop in Laguna Beach. Lucinda & I have been going to this part of Laguna Beach for 25 years and we admire many of the unique shops. When we talk to our guests at Lucinda's Country Inn about us living in Southern California for a few years the conversation invariably turns to Laguna Beach. After all, we have one of our suites named Laguna. We quickly talk about the shops, the beach and great places to eat. We always try to bring up Ken's Jewelry Store in our conversations.

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