Captain Jack’s Lobster Adventure

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Address: 1 Park Drive- Middle Pier, Rockland, ME 04841

Latitude/Longitude: 44.101730, -69.106179

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Phone: (207) 542-6852

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Think of Maine and you think of Lobsters!  Rockland Maine is the self-proclaimed Lobster Capital of the World!  The largest amount of lobsters within the state of Maine our caught in and around the islands and the fishing communities near Rockland.  If you want to experience a real working lobster boat and a real working lobsterman than this is the boat tour for you!

Captain Jack’s is a working Maine lobster boat.  It is not a tourist boat that pulls traps and talks about lobstering. In fact Captain Jack’s is one of the oldest working boats of its type still fishing today.  Steve Hale, the captain, has been lobstering for years and has the right salty personality to lead a tour boat – what he does not know he just makes up! 

Unlike some other cruises offered that take 20 or so people, there are only 6 allowed per trip. On this boat do not expect to have stadium seating, restrooms, microphones and a flat screen television to project the lobsters being caught.  This is NOT your typical tour boat this is the real McCoy!  For the comfort of the guests, a small pad has been placed on the back bench of the boat for seating other than that this is a working lobster boat.  If you want to get up close and personal you can band a lobster, fill the bait bag or haul a trap. Otherwise sit back, relax and watch.  You will learn the difference between hard and soft shell lobsters; how lobsters molt and what is meant by shedders; learn how to tell a male from a female and lobster and about the very strict fishing laws that Maine has followed for over 125 years to protect this industry for the future.  In 2013 the lobster industry in Maine received the international Marine Stewardship Council’s Sustainable Seafood Certification recognizing the sustainable and ecological practices that are followed.

The tour lasts about 75 minutes and runs 9, 10:30, 12noon, 1:30 and 3pm daily from late May through mid-October.  It is illegal to lobster on Sundays in the months of July and August so there is no Sunday schedule then.   For those that get a little queasy on the water really you should be fine if it is a nice sunny day. The boat stays in the harbor inside the Breakwater so it is usually quite calm waters and you always see the land. You can just sit back and watch – you will not get wet or get off the boat smelling like fish.

Council’s Sustainable Seafood Certification! recognizes ecologically sound practices, from the harvest through delivery to consumer. Certification provides a competitive advantage in marketing to the growing number of lobstermen.

From the Author: This is a favorite experience to visitors and it truly speaks "the Real Maine". It is not something that a person gets to do in a lot of places and again it is not a tourist boat but a lobsterman taking people out on his boat. For a little fun, ask Steve to show how to put a lobster "to sleep"! Also, buy a few "keepers" from Steve and take them up to Jesses Market to get cooked and enjoy a lobster dinner that you just helped to catch! Don't worry after the tour you still want to eat them!!

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