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Address: 5601 Freedom Blvd, Aptos, CA 95003

Latitude/Longitude: 36.9861686, -121.8483245

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Phone: (831) 687-0100

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Bamboo Giant IS!!!!

Just down Freedom Blvd in Aptos, close to the ocean, backing onto a redwood studded hillside, invisible to cars speeding by, lies Giant Bamboo. Once you enter this magical bamboo kingdom, you find 31 acres of winding trails with over 15 acres planted with various types of bamboo.

Offering bamboo consulting and design, delivery and full installations, Giant Bamboo features one of the largest displays of timber bamboo in North America.

Talk to one of the friendly staff and they will tell you about the grove, hedge, timber and clumping bamboo. There are also short display, ground cover and striped varieties showcased. Much of the bamboo is in full growth, 40′-50′ tall canes of live bamboo in green, yellow, black and brown.

Wander down a bamboo shaded path and rounding a bend you will come upon a small waterfall cascading into a pond, overrun by lily pads, surrounded by iris. A gazebo next to the pond offers a secluded spot where you are able to scout the koi fish swimming below.

Near the pond are two gongs that you can hit, which resonate nicely through the canes of live bamboo. Picnic tables scattered throughout are available for people who want to sit, relax, enjoy the view and have lunch under the shade of the bamboo stalks. Bring your dogs. It is a dog friendly vista. Just keep them on leash so they don’t trample the delicate bamboo shoots growing beside the trails.

Before you leave, visit the bamboo shop featuring bamboo products, from beautiful furniture, bamboo fountains, gongs, bread boards, to curtains and fencing.

Consult with a staff member to solve a landscaping problem. They will be able to recommend the best bamboo plant variety to address your issue. They guarantee their plants and work, ensuring that the bamboo stays where you want it and nowhere else.

When I stopped to visit, I was expecting a nursery, but what I got, was so much more..

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