Address: 2215 Foxfield Track, Charlottesville, VA 22901

Latitude/Longitude: 38.097919, -78.550552

Start Date: Sep 29, 2013

End Date: Sep 29, 2013

Web site: click here

Phone: (434) 293-9501

Pricing: $$


Steeplechase racing – what could be better?  Foxfield races occur twice a year: once in the spring on the last Saturday of April and once in the fall on the last Sunday in September.  This year the September race happens on Sunday September 29, 2013.  The fall race is known as the “Family Day” event.  There are horse related activities for children in addition to viewing 6-8 different horse races.

One of our favorite races are the Jack Russell Terrier races.  This starts the racing day off with a lot of fun.  Those little dogs sure can run and jump quickly!  Then it’s on to the main events with the horse racing.  You can park you car and tailgate right at the fence around the track.  There is nothing like sitting back in your chair, drinking a glass of Virginia wine and snacking on some delicious treats between the races.

It has always amazed us at how beautiful the horses are and how powerful!  The announcers do warn the viewers to make sure that they do not have anything hanging over the fence that might get hurt if a horse came too close to the fence.

The weather for Sunday’s event looks very promising – bright, sunny and mid-70’s.  Perfect weather for a race – so come and join in on the fun.

From the Author: This is a great event for young and old! You get to see all aspects of steeplechase racing - from jockeys getting weighed in and out, horses coming to the gate, racing, tailgating, plus more! Fun day for the whole family or for couples.

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