Sans Souci Ferry crosses the Cashie River

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Address: end of Woodard Road at Cashie River, Windsor, NC 27983

Latitude/Longitude: 35.910751, -76.817257

Phone: (252) 794-4277

Pricing: Free


The Sans Souci Ferry crosses the Cashie River way off the beaten path in eastern North Carolina near Windsor. The road ends so you can either join a checkers game, launch your small boat, grab a cane pole or ride the cable ferry to the other side, it only takes 5 minutes for the ferry. And the ride would take 20 minutes to drive around. There are only three of these two-car ferries still in operation in North Carolina. I think it should be a one-car ferry – it is a tight fit if you have one car and a boat.

There is no mailing address for the Sans Souci Ferry, only “end of Woodard Road at the Cashie River.”

Locals are very sensitive about how to say Sans Souci Ferry, it is Sans Soo’Cee, and the Cashie River is Ka Shi’. The ferry is in Bertie County, that is Bur’Tee. So if you find this out-of-the-way treasure, be sure to practice your local speak.

From the Author: There really is nothing on the other side of the Cashie River; the main reason to cross the river is to ride this wonderful old ferry. Check ferry schedules, sometimes the ferry is closed due to high water.

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